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It's not just about the $300 million to $600 million growth.

You might consider hiring me and my team because of the important role I played in doubling Tivity Health’s revenue from $300 to $600 million as their V.P. of Data and Analytics and saving them over $500,000 in annual expenses. What I think is more important to know is why I was a part of such a huge success and how I can be part of your success.

I have not followed a “normal” trajectory to V.P. of a company with household name brands like Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet. Because of that, I bring a unique set of skills and experience that can help any company succeed with a customized data strategy.

Obsession is the start of impact.

When I moved to the United States as a teen, my first job was a maid at a Marriott hotel. I took English classes at night and it was during this time I fell in love with numbers, as there is no language barrier in math. Numbers are numbers wherever you are in the world. Taking accounting was a natural step for me and I became obsessed with learning how companies made money and kept money because in the end profits are what matter, You may need to spend money to make money but if you consistently spend three dollars to make a dollar, your business won’t be around for very long. Therefore, creating strategies to save companies money became as important to me as creating strategies to make money.

Creating a team of high-qualified experts.

No one goes from being a maid in a hotel to V.P. of Tivity Health without having help along the way. From my English teacher, Barbara, who gave me money to buy food, to family, friends, and coworkers who helped me take the next step to success, I learned the importance of team. That is why I have brought together the best of the best experts to insure you have the insight, experience, and skills working for you to catapult your business to the ultimate level of success.

Experience that is wide and deep.

It is important to know the major impact I had on Tivity’s bottom line as well as my extensive experience in other fields serving as Senior Financial Analyst, Regional Credit Manager, Finance Strategic Planning Manager, and Business Intelligence Analyst for Motorola, Honeywell, US Airways, Kodak, Anthem, International Cruises and Excursions. In addition to over 25 years of hands-on experience, I have a Masters of Business Administration degree and the Green Belt Six Sigma Lean Certification from Honeywell that gave me the structure and education to perform at an exceptional level. 

Why Optimal Impact.

What is going to help your company the most is my unrelenting obsession with making the numbers work for you so that you increase your revenue, decrease your expenses and make the profits to grow your company for generations to come.

That’s why Optimal Impact is the team for you.

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